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Screens are everywhere.

They’re in our homes, bedrooms, offices, vehicles, pockets, and bags. Have you ever considered how much time you or your family members spend on a screen?


When you’re using a device, you are disengaging with something else.


There are many wellness benefits to cutting down on screen time. Here are 4 that can help you and your kids to cut down:


01. Improve your physical health.
You know that physical activity is good for your health, but devices could be cutting into your exercise time. Maintaining healthy habits can be hard when you spend lots of time using screens.


02. Free up time to have fun playing and exploring.
Exploring and learning about the world is an important part of life. Children are naturally curious, but adults can explore, too. Instead of spending time on devices, encourage yourself and your family to try new activities.


03. Make social connections.
Connecting with others is crucial for us to feel cared for. Children look to their parents for this sense of belonging, and adults may find it within their families and friends. Devices can damage these relationships.


04. Boost your mood.
Putting down your phone and going outside or doing an activity you enjoy can be a mood booster. It can make you feel more accomplished and improve your well-being.


While technology is a great tool, it also can hinder your wellness and make you feel disconnected from those around you. Taking a break from devices frees up more time to be active and enjoy time with loved ones. Why not give it a try?