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OMG: Super post workout smoothie!

We have the perfect post workout smoothie to recharge after a workout with a chock full of ingredients to replenish your body.

Make OMG Recovery Superfood Blend a part of your regular daily workout routine. It doesn’t matter that it’s your first-time training, what’s important is that you started and that we’ve got your back.

This blend is packed with organic superfoods such as hemp protein, turmeric, sacha inchi, reishi mushroom, and black pepper. All of these starlet ingredients help speed the body’s recovery process after every training session.

Mixing this powder into your smoothie is a superb solution to helping your body get the most from your workout whilst facilitating healing.

On a side note, The Mayo Clinic suggests that you eat a small meal with both protein and carbohydrates within two hours of a workout to help your muscles recover, and the other ingredients from our Recovery superfood can help fight the pain.

Want to give it a go? Go for it! OMG Recovery Organic Superfood