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Moringa: Now We Are Talking About Super!

You may already know and love a variety of superfoods—those foods that are just so jam-packed with benefits for the human body that to call them anything less than super is an insult. One superfood, Moringa, should really be called a super-superfood. Yes, with its comprehensive essential amino acid profile (it contains all nine EAAs) and its abundance of protein, Moringa really does live up to its superfood classification. And that's before you factor in its rich potassium, vitamin B and iron content.

So, what does Moringa offer you? Let's run down what's super fab about this little-known superfood. We like, nay looove, moringa because it's

Nutritious: Just a cup of chopped Moringa leaves provides a punch of protein, iron y calcium and vitamins B1 and B2.
Antioxidant rich: Moringa contains antioxidants.

The bottom line is that Moringa is being studied more closely for its total-body health potential. But the fact remains that it is a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition, and we're anxious to see a complete rundown of benefits once more research is in.

Let's talk taste.

Will you like it? Maybe! If you can imagine the taste of spinach blended in with a bit of matcha, then you can imagine the flavor profile of Moringa. However, because it is generally not cultivated in the United States, most Moringa on today's market is sold in powdered format—its delicate leaves make exporting it in its whole leaf format a problem, since it hails from places like West Africa, the Himalayas and India. The flavor of dried Moringa is hardly noticeably or even undetectable in a berry-filled smoothie and blends right in (naturally) with many of the popular green smoothies. You may also enjoy the powder's protein boost when added to salads or soups.

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