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How to Maximize the Benefits of Superfoods

Incorporating more superfoods into your diet is the first step towards leading a healthier life. While simply eating superfoods can work wonders on your body, timing is sometimes everything. Some superfoods work better for different uses. In order to maximize the benefits of superfoods, you might want to think about what goals you want to achieve when using particular superfoods.


While water may be the first thing that you reach for immediately after an intense workout, superfoods are often incorporated into after-workout smoothies. More specifically, protein-rich superfoods like pea protein and pumpkin seed protein are key ingredients in protein smoothies. Protein is great for ensuring that your body and muscles are nourished following a workout.

Early Morning

If you find yourself running late for work in the morning, then you are most likely looking for a smoothie that can act as a meal replacement. This means that the smoothie has all of the nutrients and minerals that you’d find in a traditional breakfast. Leafy green superfoods along with energizing berries offer the most bang when it comes to early morning smoothies. Through the leafy greens, your body will be exposed to a number of nutrients.

Diet Overhaul

Get the most out of superfoods means being cognizant of the ingredients that you put into your body. Just as exercising while still eating junk food will slow down your progress pairing superfoods with meals that are unhealthy may not offer you the best return on your investment. Consider sitting down and giving your diet a slight makeover. Adding more nutritious vegetables like kale and moringa or delicious fruits like acai and maqui can work wonders to improve your overall health.

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