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12 habits to try for the next 12 months

Every year is the same, I don't know you but a big percentage of people come up with things they would like to achieve during the year, but by March those goals mostly turn into dust for the rest of the year.

First things first, what's a habit? A repetitive routine that allows us to live a "normal" life. They're acquired behaviour patterns which take place regularly and, depending on your commitment/motivation, there can be a positive or negative influence on your lifestyle.

Habits are an undeniably powerful part of our behavioral psychology that shapes our lives. They are so important that a study determined that approx. 45% of everything we do in our day to day lives is dictated by our habits.

Once you have established a habit it's hard to get rid of it, so this is why we would like to recommend you to gradually pick up 12 habits which reflect resolutions, instead of having an unachievable goal. You will have 30 days to fix ONE habit, the following month another habit, and so forth. This means you don't have to work towards ALL YOUR GOALS AT THE SAME TIME! 

On a side note, remember it's okay if you don't achieve the exact results you want, what matters is that you gave it your best.

Saying farewell to our bad habits and replacing them with better ones is not easy but it is possible. It requires commitment, will and a desire to overcome natural tendencies to think, feel, speak and act in a certain way.

Without further ado, you may be asking yourself what are the best habits to succeed and be happy?

Although any list may seem subjective, we are going to leave you 12 habits in particular that will keep you healthy, happy and satisfied:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator: Never stop your body from moving, no excuses.
  2. No sugar in your coffee: Motivation: if you sweeten your coffee with one sugar cube and drink two cups of coffee a day, imagine the amount of sugar you consume per month!
  3. Keep a daily diary: Sometimes things happen too fast, we forget most of the small happenings in our lives.
  4. Make monthly calls with your friends: The more time passes, the harder it gets to get back in touch.
  5. 3 runs/trainings a week: Once you get started, there's no turning back.
  6. No sugar: After a week or so, your energy will begin to improve, and you will feel more alive and less irritable.
  7. Read intellectual books: Strengthens the brain, increases empathy, builds vocabulary, reduces stress, aids sleep.
  8. Want to learn a new language?: Try 5 minutes of duolingo per day
  9. Stop comparing yourself to other people: Start your day by writing out three things you can be grateful for today.
  10. Less time on social media: It's okay to take a break.
  11. Drink water with lemon: promotes hydration, vitamin C, improves skin, aids digestion.
  12. Make a plan and stick to it: write it down, set deadlines, reward yourself, have an accountability partner if necessary. 

Focus on these habits, month by month and push yourself consistently until you get the ones that suit your lifestyle incorporated into your daily routine, and your progress and drive toward your goals will skyrocket over time.

Check out Matt D'Avella's youtube channel for some major inspo. 

Good luck, you've got this!