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Why morning exercise kicks butt.

We all know finding time to exercise can be rather daunting and sometimes we may leave it last minute, but if you want to make the most out of your workouts and get the widest range of benefits, you might want to try exercising in the morning. Here’s why…

An early morning workout benefits both your health and your daily schedule, then exercising at other times of the day just can’t provide. You will have to be disciplined to wake up early and focused on achieving an effective workout, not pacing in a zombie-like state. It takes time and practice, day by day and month by month, it will become a habit.

Working out in the morning is one of the best ways to burn fat. Even if you dislike early alarms, working out first thing in the morning can quickly become second nature. According to Anthony Hackney, a professor in the department of exercise and sport science at the university of North Carolina Chapel Hill, says “In the early morning hours, you have a hormonal profile that would predispose you to better metabolism of fat”.

In other words, as human beings we all naturally have elevated levels of cortisol and growth hormones in the morning (both are involved in metabolism) so you will draw more of your energy from your fat reserves which can help with weight loss. Not only can you burn fat easier in the morning but It may also lead you to better productivity and mental health, reducing stress throughout the day.

If you’re on the fence about starting a morning workout routine, consider the following benefits:

  • Morning workouts enhance your metabolism
  • A good morning workout routine will help cultivate consistency
  • Early morning workouts will help you develop self-discipline
  • A morning exercise routine will help you get better sleep
  • Morning exercise allows you to reach your fitness goals faster
  • Better mood
  • Appetite control
  • Better work efficiency

If you’re not a morning exerciser and you think you might be missing out on all the benefits, then here’s a challenge for you…

Grab your calendar and schedule what time and what type of exercise you’re going to do in the mornings for the next week. If you can make it through one week of morning exercise then you can do it again (and do it – put it in the calendar!). Then do it again for the following week…and again…

Don’t forget to drink lots of water before, during, and after your workout.

An extra OMG recommendation: