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Everything you want to know about Matcha

Surely you have heard about matcha and how beneficial it can be for your health. In case you have no idea what it is, we will tell you where it comes from, what its health benefits are and how to consume it.


What is Matcha?


Matcha is a fine grounded green powder, grown and processed from green tea leaves in China.


The difference of matcha from other green teas is that matcha leaves are covered for many days prior to harvesting, in order to keep them in the shade from direct sunlight. The reason that this is done is to boost the plants' chlorophyll levels, turning the leaves into a darker and vibrant shade of green, increasing the production of L-Theanine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the tea plant. What are its properties? The most outstanding benefit of this tea is its antioxidant properties. How to use Matcha tea? If you want to absorb all the properties of this green powder, it is best to take it naturally. The following ritual consists of a series of meticulous and strict steps:


  1. Heat water to about 80º, without boiling.
  2. Add a teaspoon of OMG Matcha Powder
  3. Dissolve it with a specific brush: A bamboo branch cut into 100 strands. 
  4. Finally, with a wrist movement from right to left, stir until the matcha tea foam appears.

Important: If you heat the matcha tea too much, it will lose its properties and flavor.

Where to use matcha tea?

We believe that this tea can be used in any recipe, such as, a drink, a sweet or a savory, it depends solely on our creativity. We propose three essential uses to enjoy this food:

  1. Hot drinks: a tea dissolved in water. Always water and tea, not the other way around. Heat the water to 80º, before it boils, add the matcha and stir until the foam appears. Also, you can substitute water for oat milk or any vegetable milk.

  1. Smoothies: you can apply a teaspoon of OMG Matcha Powder, for example, a fruit smoothie with banana, spinach, rice milk or also in a green smoothie with celery, apple, ginger and kale.


  1. Sweets: just experiment! Matcha tea, in the end, is a powder that you can apply in any recipe and that you can improve its flavor and benefits. So reinvent yourself and apply an adequate portion of matcha in your recipe for cookies, cakes, tarts, and biscuits...