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Super Greens Pack (Organic Moringa Powder + Organic Kale Powder + Organic Spirulina Powder)

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Organic Moringa Powder Benefits

  • Organic Moringa leaf powder is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, it contains every essential amino acid making it a complete plant protein.

  • Moringa is a great source of Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and more! 

  • Certified Organic and Kosher

Organic Spirulina Powder Benefits

  • Organic Spirulina powder also known as blue green algae is an good source of protein and iron

  • Organic Spirulina Powder is also a source for vitamin B6 making it an effective natural energy booster

  • OMG! Organic Spirulina powder can be added to smoothies and meals for a natural and effective boost to your immune system
  • Certified Organic & Kosher

Organic Kale Powder Benefits

  • Kale Powder comes from the leafy green Brassica oleracea specie

  • Our Kale Powder is carefully harvested and milled to preserve the nutritional benefits of the plant along with its notable earthy taste

  • Our Kale Powder is a great source of Vitamin A, Manganese, Vitamin C, Potassium and more. 

  • Certified Organic & Kosher


Warning: California's Proposition 65

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