​Stay Strong: The Guide to Using Superfoods this Winter

Strong winter winds, freezing temperatures, and rainy weather are all signs that Winter is here to stay for the next few months. These signs also point to runny noses, colds and fevers. What do we do when the Winter storms are out in full force? Fortify our body with superfoods. Known for their nutrient rich properties, superfoods are our go-to line of protection during the colder seasons. Still unsure as to how you can incorporate superfoods into your favorite winter dishes and meals. Keep reading and we’ll give you a few delicious and easy ways to stay strong during the winter using superfoods.

How to Use Superfoods this Winter

Turn to Plant-Based Protein

If you plan to maintain your exercise habits well into winter, then protein is necessary. Plant-based protein offers you an alternative to traditional protein sources. In powdered form, they are easy to incorporate in smoothies, teas, and other recipes. We suggest adding plant-based protein to your baked goods or into your energy balls.

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Take a Sip of Green Tea

What do you do when you are tired of smoothie bowls and it’s too cold for pudding? Take a sip of green tea. Superfood greens range from the smooth and earthy taste of Matcha to the powerful and ocean taste of Spirulina. Adding Matcha to your Winter menu makes it easy to consume the nutrients from your superfoods without the hassle. We recommend adding a bit of honey for taste. However, you can create a creamier concoction with the help of almond milk.

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Stay Warm with Superfood Hot Chocolate

Winter and hot chocolate go together like two peas in a pod. Enjoying one without the other is just not the same. You know the protein that makes pumpkin seed protein an amazing plant-based alternative? Or how about the amino acids in Maca? We can’t forget the curcumin found in turmeric! Superfood hot chocolate makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite superfood blends from the sip of your cup. Mix with almond milk and add a little honey or your choice of sweetener for taste and you’ll be set for the rest of winter.

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Winter is here and the best way to make it through is with the help of superfoods. Head over to our shop and stock up.


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