Start Your Superfood Journey with OMG! Superfoods: See Our New Products That Fit Your Lifestyle

Our New Products:

In need of a protein booster after your morning workouts? Or do long work days make you feel sluggish? Either way, we have 8 new superfood powders that fit your lifestyle needs. Toss new OMG! Superfood powders into your favorite smoothie bowl, snack recipe, or lunchtime meal to reap the benefits.

End your workouts:

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder:

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is a great alternative to traditional protein powders. This organic powder easily transforms soups, salads, and other side dishes into nutrient rich snacks. The light nutty taste is not overpowering and makes it easy to pair with a number of flavors.

Organic Pea Protein Powder:

Finding suitable sources of protein following your workout is challenging. Use OMG! Pea Protein Powder to improve your post-workout nutrition. This allergen free protein powder blends easily into your preferred smoothies.

Organic Quinoa Protein Powder:

This plant-based superfood gets its nickname “the mother of all grains” from its high protein and fiber content. Recuperate from an intense workout or long workday using this nutritious protein-filled grain. Use the organic quinoa powder to top a light meal or snack.

Refuel during the day:

Organic Ground Chia & Moringa Powder: 

Long sought after in Africa and Asia for its therapeutic benefits, our Organic Ground Chia and Moringa mix makes for a nutritious and tasty addition to smoothies. Ditch your leafy greens, and add a serving of this organic powder to your beverages. Each scoop is packed with nutrients so you still get all the same health benefits.

Organic Ashwagandha Powder: 

Lower your stress levels and start your day with a calm mind using our certified organic Ashwagandha powder. Using this organic powder is a simple way to sustain high energy levels throughout physical activity. Combine Ashwagandha with milk and honey and enjoy the benefits during the day.

Create mineral packed smoothies:

Organic Green Banana Flour Benefits:

Produced from peeled and gently dried green bananas, organic green banana flour is perfect for preparing your favorite gluten free baked goods. You’ll need significantly less banana flour in order to recreate your staple recipes. The result is nourishing pastries that are both delicate and fluffy.

Organic Green Banana Powder:

Elevate the recipes of your favorite shakes and smoothie bowls by adding green banana powder to the ingredient list. The organic powder gives off a smooth texture and light banana taste. Filled with the same level of potassium found in fresh bananas, green banana powder is a simple alternative. Try out the green banana powder today!

Nourish a Sweet Tooth:

Organic Ground Flaxseed and Cacao Powder:

Satisfy your desire for chocolate in the most nutritious way possible using Organic Ground Flaxseed and Cacao Powder. The enveloping flavor from the cacao powder makes a nice topping for dessert recipes that you’ve been waiting to try. Every serving is chock-full of vitamins.

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