Spread Love the Superfood Way: 4 Ingredients to Use this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the one yearly holiday dedicated to showing love to the people closest to you. Whether you decide to plan a large gathering with family and friends or want to keep things intimate and small, the best way to do it is by using superfoods. 

1. Cacao Powder

What is Valentine’s Day without a little chocolate?! Unlike your typical chocolate powder, OMG! cacao powder it is not sweetened. What it lacks in sweetness it makes up for in nutritional content. Known for its antioxidant levels, you can add the powder to your favorite dessert recipes.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is considered the life of the superfood party. The bold and vibrant spice is not only known for adding color to popular curry dishes, but it is also used it enhance the flavor. Do you have a chunky or light soup in mind? Filled with curcumin, season your upcoming Valentine’s Day dish with OMG! turmeric.

3. Green Banana Flour 

Baked goods are one of the simplest ways to share your love of superfoods. You can interweave cacao into the flavor profile of one of your desserts or top a smooth and rich pudding with chia seeds. The foundation and key of a good baked good resides in OMG! green banana flour. The ingredient is filled with solid levels of potassium and gives muffins and bread a smooth and light texture.

4. Coconut Sugar 

Valentine’s day is specially made for dessert lovers  all over the world. Coconut sugar has a soft caramel taste that mirrors the flavor found in brown sugar. Top brownies, granola, and muffins using this sweet superfood ingredient.