Shake it, baby: New releases for your body and soul.

This is huge news. We’re launching a whole new family of organic blends that will become the best partners in your wellness path:

The shower can wait, nutrients can’t!:After an exhausting training, your mind is much more at ease, you probably feel happier, but your body is in need of some serious water, sodium and nutrients to keep going. Make OMG! Recovery Blend part of your post workout healing.

Scare the cold away: Now, if it’s immunity you’re searching for, this new organic powder fights off the damage of free radicals so your body can stay healthier and heal itself naturally. Mix it in with your favorite drinks or add our OMG! Immunity Blend into your favorite meals

Mind over Matter: Keep your thoughts focused and your mind clear and concentrated with our new OMG! Mind Blend. It enhances memory, so you’ll be able to remember all the goods behind its fabulous ingredients: an all-natural mix of cacao powder, ashwagandha, lion's mane mushrooms, and rhodiola.

One, Two, Step: We all need to keep energy as high as possible to function in our daily activities. OMG! Energy Blend is a medley of smart superfoods, including lucuma, maca, pumpkin seed protein, matcha, moringa, and wheat grass, this nutrient-dense blend promotes enhanced energy and other benefits.

Reset your health: For those moments in life when you know you need to feel lighter, our OMG! Detox Blend can help you rid your body of toxins while increasing energy, bolstering the immune system, and restoring your body's delicate balance.