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New year’s resolutions are incredibly difficult to keep. Even with the best of intentions, it takes more than just an idea to reach your goals. One way to help is to make sure that you goals are SMART!

S → Specific. Maybe you want to be healthier, but what exactly does that mean? Is it reaching a specific calorie goal? Losing a certain number of pounds? Going to the gym 3 times a week? Whatever your goal is, make sure that it is as specific and detailed as you can get!

M → Measurable. You know the exact thing you want to do, but you also need to be able to know when you’ve completed your task. Don’t choose anything you can’t measure. For example, maybe you want your weight to be healthier, but what is the exact weight you are trying to reach? Perhaps you’d like to run further, but how far is far? Set an exact number for your goal

A → Achievable. By choosing a goal that is achievable, you set yourself up for success. For example, maybe you want to start meditating, but with your busy schedule, you only have an extra 10 minutes a day. Set your goal to meditate for those 10 minutes, rather than an unmanageable amount of time.

R → Relevant. Don’t choose someone else’s resolution. Sure, managing weight, eating healthy, and exercising are good for everyone, but are those what you want? The goal should be something that you want for yourself. So ask yourself, what is really important to you that you’d like to change?

T → Time-bound. Set a time limit for when you want to accomplish your goals. While working for the next year is admirable, it is also a long time. Consider setting short term goals at first that will take you through a few weeks or months at a time. Use these smaller time frames to help you build up to your overall goal for the year.

And most importantly, be kind to yourself!