Meet the Superfoods: Beet, Kale, Chaga, and Reishi

What better way to kick your superfood goals into full gear, than with a new class of organic ingredients. You can still stay true to your go-to superfood powders, but now you can add a serving of Beet, Kale, Chaga, and Reishi powder. Time to meet our new superfoods!


Dehydrated and grounded into a fine powder, beets have a slightly sweet an earthy taste. Known as a nutritional powerhouse, you’ll find that OMG! Beet Powder contains strong amounts of Potassium and Vitamin K. Looking for a new ingredient to add to your gravy and dressing? Beet powder is not only great for adding color to recipes, but its nutrient-rich content and strong earthy taste make it a great addition to soups and sauces.

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Kale is one of the leaders in the superfood space. The slightly bitter and earthy green is used as a staple in green smoothies. With OMG! Kale Powder, we’ve grounded and milled traditional to preserve all of the nutritional benefits. Now you can still enjoy those same green smoothies with the easy addition of a smooth powder.

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Take a look at one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, chaga mushrooms! The slow growing mushroom is commonly found on birch trees. Once finely grounded and milled, the ingredient adds a powerful punch to teas and coffee. Use OMG! Chaga Mushroom to get a decent dose of Potassium and Iron.

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Known around the world as one of the most popular and beneficial types of fungi, is traditionally used for its Potassium and Iron. Detoxify at the end of the day with a warm cup of OMG! Reishi Powder tea. The warm and earthy scent of the fungi makes it a favorite for soups and hot beverages.

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