Kid Friendly: Superfood Snack ideas for Kids

Kids and snacks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Kids live for snack time! It is probably the second best part of their day following recess. As they get older, lunch takes the place of both recess and snack time. As much as kids love snacks, they can tell the difference between a good and bad snack. They won’t eat just anything. This can be tough if you are looking to strike the right balance between healthy and kid-friendly snack ideas. Luckily, we’ve played around in the kitchen and even consulted with a few snack experts (kids) and we’re left with a few super snack ideas that your kids will love.

Berry Blast Smoothie

Fruit juices are staples in kid menus, schools, and grocery aisles all over the world. This is because kids love fruit drinks. Well, what do you get when you take the idea of fruit drinks and super berries, then combine the two? A berry blast smoothie that is packed with flavor and of course superfoods. Whether your child loves acaimaqui, or this smoothie is something that they will forward to every snack time.

Cacao Energy Bites

Chocolate is one of the top five ingredients that kids love. A healthier alternative is cacao. The superfood has the same smooth chocolate taste found in candy bars minus the excess sugar and additives. This is perfect since you can tailor the recipe to your liking. Take a look at finger-licking cacao recipe that any kid would love.

Goji Energy Bars

Energy bars are one of those snack ideas that most people love. So, even though you might make these for your kids to enjoy, you might end up eating more than them. Goji berries add a bit of texture and a kick of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to any energy bar recipe. You can also top with chia seeds or your favorite nut mix.