Keep Warm with 3 New Hot Chocolate Flavors Filled with Superfoods

It’s that time of year again! As the scents from your family’s homemade pumpkin pie recipe weave in and out of the air, the sounds from your favorite holiday movie play in the background. You reach for a jar of your new hot chocolate superfood blend as you dip your finger into the large pot of milk to see if it’s warm enough. One 6 oz. jar makes more than enough for your aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, nieces, and nephews. You add a serving to each mug pausing to give yourself an extra serving, because you’ve already tasted it before. Once the milk and hot chocolate touch, the aroma that fills the air brings back old holiday memories. It’s the holiday season, your family is here, and somehow you’ve stumbled on a hot chocolate blend that is both nutritious and delicious.

Enjoy the holidays with one of our new superfood blends!

Hot Chocolate with Maca

Made with maca, this hot chocolate features the perfect blend of warm cacao notes and earthy maca flavors. Maca is an energizing superfood filled with Calcium and B Vitamins. 

How to enjoy: Heat up a pot of almond milk or water and add a serving of this hot chocolate powder to your favorite mug.

Try Hot Chocolate with Maca!

Hot Chocolate with Superfoods

If you could choose to have a superfood in your hot chocolate what would it be? Now, you no longer have to choose! We’ve crafted a hot chocolate blend that artfully combines an array of essential superfoods. 

How to enjoy: Blended smoothly into a mug filled with warm milk.

Try Hot Chocolate with Superfoods!

Hot Chocolate with Turmeric

A warm and bold hot chocolate concoction that rivals the spices found in your favorite holiday lattes. 

How to enjoy: In the morning, heat up your choice of milk, add a serving of this hot chocolate blend and enjoy.

Try Hot Chocolate with Turmeric!