How to Make Superfoods a Part of Your Busy Lifestyle

Wake-up, go to work or school, attend meetings, make dinner, go to sleep and do it all over again. Who has time to sit down and think about what they are going to eat when they are always busy? It may sound like more work but we’ve made this process almost painless with the help of superfoods. Those antioxidant-rich berries, plant-based proteins, and robust greens are not only delicious but are versatile and work with any lifestyle.

For Snack

Sometimes the best snacks come in buckwheat, coconut, chia and flax seeds. These super seeds work as an easy snack that you can enjoy at any time of day. Simply combine all of your favorite seeds in a small baggy and take it with you in the morning. You can also lightly toast the mixture for an added layer of flavor the night before. Try our seed trilogy mix and seed trilogy mix + coconut for an easy super seed snack.

For Dessert

Have you ever tried energy balls coated with cacao powder and cacao nibs? They make the perfect after dinner dessert following a long day and are virtually easy to make. Simply blend your favorite pitted dates, maple syrup, along with chia seeds in a food processor. Dip in OMG! Cacao Powder and OMG! Cacao Nibs for an added layer of chocolate.

For Toppings

Sometimes it’s easier to add your favorite superfood powders as a topping. Whether you are enjoying a morning smoothie bowl or heating up your leftover soup for lunch, a superfood topping may make your meal tastier. For smoothie bowls, stick to berry powders like maqui and acai. For soups, venture into turmeric and pumpkin seed protein.

Now you can’t say that you don’t have time for superfoods! Pick up some of your favorite ingredients and ease superfoods into your day.

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