How to Get the Tastiest Quinoa-Filled Recipes

Grown and harvested in the Andes for thousands of years, quinoa has slowly become a staple in dishes all around the world.Gluten-free and loaded with protein, quinoa is often used as an easy alternative to rice. The delicious superfood is staple in traditional dishes throughout South America and Africa.The most common words used to describe quinoa protein powder are often nourishing and filling. However, when paired with the right ingredients you’ll be surprised by the tasty and earthy flavor that oozes out of the super grain. After numerous used pots and dirty dishes, we’ve found the best ingredients that you can use alongside quinoa protein powder to transform the grain into a delicious protein rich snack.

Toast Using Olive Oil

Other grains like wheat and oats aren’t generally toasted before eating, but quinoa is one of the few grains that benefits from toasting prior to cooking. Olive oil has the ability to transform some of the most everyday dishes into one of a-kind winners. Toasting the quinoa prior to boiling results in a light and fluffy grain. When using quinoa protein powder, you can mix the powder into the olive oil before adding the remainder of your ingredients. Depending on how much olive oil and quinoa powder you use, this will either result in a thicker paste or a lighter sauce. Once toasted to your liking, you can use the quinoa and olive oil mix to flavor vegetables, meat, or any other side dishes.

Blend into an Afternoon Smoothie

Due to its earthy and nutty taste, the afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy a quinoa rich smoothie. The high protein and iron present in quinoa is perfect for giving your body a last-minute boost while helping you avoid the midday slump. The great thing about quinoa protein powder is how well it works with other superfoods like cacao and moringa. Once you’ve decided on your ideal pairing, add the powders to your smoothie mix. You can use fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and milk to help balance out the flavors until you settle on the perfect combination of earthy and sweet.

Give Your Energy Bars a Burst of Protein

No-bake energy bars are the easiest and simplest ways to experiment with superfood powders like quinoa. They are incredibly easy to make and allow you to enjoy all of the health benefits that quinoa has to offer. The best time to add quinoa protein powder is in the batter. While your free to experiment until you find the perfect combination, the general rule of thumb is to ensure that your recipe is not mainly comprised of protein. A protein heavy batter will result in energy bars that are often dry and lifeless.