3 Super Berries You Need in Your Smoothie Bowls This Summer

Summer is here and that means that smoothies will be everywhere. While fruits and vegetables like bananas and kale are popular in smoothie recipes year-round, there are a few ingredients that really shine during the summer time. Whether you are looking for a protein heavy smoothie or want to keep things light and refreshing, superfoods like acai and maqui can be added to a number of your smoothie recipes to give you the added taste of a tart berry flavor along with the nutrients found in most super berries. We started with a long list of berries and narrowed it down to the three that you need to enjoy at least once before summer is up.


Acai is like the strawberry of the super berry world. It is probably one of the most well-known super berries and is more accessible. If you’ve stepped into a smoothie shop recently, then you may have seen an acai menu option. With the growing availability of superfood powders, you can bring the acai to your own doorstep. If you aren’t familiar with acai, then get ready for slight sweet berry taste wrapped in antioxidants.

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Maqui does not quite have the reputation and acclaim as acai since it is not as well known. However, this more reclusive berry is just as tasty and nutritious. Add a serving of maqui to your smoothie bowl to get the perfect balance of slightly sweet and tart. You can enjoy in the middle of the day or first thing in the morning as a delicious breakfast.

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Summer is all about tart fruits like pineapples and green apples and goji berry is no exception. One bite and you’ll experience soft tart flavor paired with a sweet and delicious aftertaste. You’ll find dried and powder goji berries all over. We love to work with gojj berry powder as it’s easy to use and offers the same delicious taste.

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